The “Scarlet D” is a reference to The Scarlet Letter, in which a scarlet “A” is worn as a mark of shame for adultery. For me it’s the shame or invisibility of depression. See this post for a more detailed explanation.

This site is to document my “adventures in mood” as I navigate my way out of a major depressive episode. I started it on 10/20/2019 but backdated earlier entries to set up the storyline. I’m also doing this to remember, now and later. For now, my memory is sketchy, and for later I want to be able to see how far I’ve come. (Optimism, right?)

I’ve anonymized as much as possible, using Wife and Son and such instead of names, because the blog itself is public so I can share it with folks without fiddling with permissions. If I write something that identifies you too closely, feel free to drop me an angry note and I’ll adjust accordingly.

I, too, am remaining anonymous.