A setback

It’s hard getting appointments with my psychologist. And a few weeks ago I set up some recurring Tuesday appointments which now conflict with the day program. So we’ve been going week to week trying to set up last minute meetings.

Got a call Friday morning offering a timeslot in the afternoon and that worked out for me, so I took it. Unfortunately, the first topic of discussion (after “how are you doing?”) was her relaying that she was leaving the practice and moving on to a new position in another state. So the therapist that I’ve best connected with is going away. I handled the news as well as could be expected, and I really do wish her the best. She’ll likely be around through December, and I’ll continue to see her through then.

But in answer to my earlier question “how are you” I’m finding that a good answer to that question is “sensitive.” I took the news fairly well, but it’s really sinking in and bringing me down. I do know that I’ll find another therapist, and maybe even one who “gets me” as well as she does. But it’s disappointing and frustrating. And has me feeling my depression fairly intensely this weekend. But I’m getting a lot of sleep and taking care of myself as well as I can. And so is my family. We had a good shopping trip to Target and then hit my favorite restaurant for a yum yum bowl. I’m safe and it’s not putting me in the worst place ever, but I’m definitely down.

1 thought on “A setback”

  1. It was nice to see you today to enjoy some coffee, fiber and conversation. You’re not ever far from my thoughts and I’m available for homework almost any time.

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