Getting Serious

Just want to start off by saying how great the staff at the hospital are – from the front desk to the folks doing the procedure. I may mention the odd electrode left over or this or that, but everyone is very professional, and personable at that.

Today’s experience was a good bilateral treatment. Immediate after effects were a fair bit of headache, some minimal dizziness, and a good bit of disorientation. Forget trying to remember what day of the week it is – the rest of my schedule is a blur. I don’t feel like I have any specific cognitive loss, and my short term memory seems to be filling nicely with new facts. But trying to remember my schedule, when and where group is, etc. proved to be much more difficult.

I’m well attended to, and after a quick ride home I went straight to bed for a long nap. That helped the headache and did manage to clear my mind a bit. It doesn’t help that it’s our first snowfall, so my world before and after this morning are two very different places. While this is an interesting experience, the intensity of Monday and the intensity of today make me wonder just how Friday is going to be! We shall see!

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