Cognitive dismay

I’m going to have to stop trying to build models because they’re not turning out right. I can’t tell if it’s that I’m reading the instructions wrong or that I’m not able to do it just the right way but it seems like the thing’s I’m building aren’t working the way they’re supposed to or looking the way they’re supposed to. Which is a bummer because I was working on a Viking boat that was going to be really cool and I just don’t think I’m going to be able to finish it.

So for my next trick I’m going to try and do some Legos. Hopefully that’ll be simple enough and non-permanent enough that I can do it and not have to worry about screwing stuff up. It’s really frustrating though. I’m also feeling like my vision isn’t that great for smaller detail elements and so that’s having something to do with my frustrations.

Another maintenance ECT treatment on Monday and then who knows after that but I’ll be asking to find out when they expect me to be doing more treatments and how long I have to wait before I can go back to work cuz I’m really itching to go back to work. Today of course being the largest day in our work year and I’m missing it.

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