Back To Work

Today I went back to work for the first time in a Very Long Time. I’ll be doing halftime and continuing the day treatment program in the afternoons. But it sure was nice to be back in the office. I spent the whole time playing catch-up, and while the goal is for me to fill the same role that I’ve had in the past, for now I’ll be more of a player-coach.

Didn’t get lost in the ramp or skyways, and remembered all the security codes. Yay me! Our sub-office has been rearranged and it’s really nice. I’ve got a position by the window and enjoy a good view out the window and down the row of workers.

By the time I left (after ~4 hours) I was fried. Working my way back up to a full day is going to take some effort. But it was exciting being there and I didn’t glaze over even in the last hour catching up with the boss. It’s also handy that it’s December, and things are a bit slower than usual. By the first of the year (or so) I’m hoping to be back up to speed, back up to full time, and back up to running my team!

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