First Actual Post

As I mention in the About page, this is to record my journey. There are pages explaining everything up to now, but this is the first post in “realtime” and will be followed by posts as things happen, change, or I just feel like it.

Monday I start ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and I’m getting more anxious the closer it gets. But I’m excited to apply some science to a problem that thus far has felt more like magic and mystery than anything else. The last week has been a bit brighter than the previous months, much of it attributed to the hope of ECT’s effectiveness. But I understand that nothing is guaranteed.

I said goodbye to work friends last week, as I’ll have to suspend work, driving, and anything too interesting through the treatments. They’ll be going on three times a week (MWF) for 2-4 weeks. My wife is going to work from home, and I have other relatives who will help me get from appointment to appointment — I’ll continue in my day treatment three times a week (TWTh) in the afternoons. I’m really hoping I’ll have the energy and concentration to do that, as I get a lot out of the group talk and mindfulness lessons we get.

This weekend is about being restful, but also catching up on things I want to do before I got into this new unknown territory – setting up this blog, practicing playing music, running errands, etc. And I’m going to a halloween party tonight, energy willing.

Apologies if there are redundancies in the backstory pages, and the posts coming. Memory is not great right now, and I like to type. Enjoy!

1 thought on “First Actual Post”

  1. Even though it may be a difficult topic to discuss, I’m thankful you’re writing…for a couple of different reasons.
    First…You have such a beautiful way with words.
    Second…It’s helpful to begin to scratch the surface of understanding for those of us around you without the D.
    Third…The stigma of talking about depression and other mental health conditions needs to come crashing down and I’m hopeful that your blog will start to eat the elephant in the room one bite at a time.
    I’m proud of you. 💜

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