High wire act

We went to a Halloween party – a rare public sighting of both of us together. It was a great time though and so much fun talking to friends I haven’t seen in a long time. And met a bunch of people who could be new friends. We both talked openly with some of them about what’s going on and it was nice to be able to vent and/or tell the tale. On my meds I’m not really supposed to drink. So..

Drank too much. Went in with a two drink limit- very specifically two nice scotches. But they were too good and I had access to more so I did – no regrets though! So tasty! Unfortunately now I’m slightly hung over and my “hey it’s barely light out you should lie in bed wide awake” just went off. And I’m likely to miss the knitting party this morning that I was looking forward to. But it’s been months since a good party, And I think it was good for both of us to get out.

Abilify is one of my meds and it’s a mood stabilizer. So sometimes it feels like I’m on a straight path across emotion. It won’t let me cry at good movies but it won’t let me be too far down either. But then there are weird times like right now when I feel like I’m on a high wire and looking down at my great friend depression but I can’t get down there to wallow and join the fun. Normally a hangover for me means a deep dive in the old psyche, but not as long as Sgt Abilify is on duty. So I’m up here, wide awake, headache and bored, not even able to be properly depressed. I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

It was a good party though. Worth it!

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