Day Two: Honeymoon’s over

This one is going to be much more rambling and disconnected. Up again in the dark, but now it’s just an appointment, it’s not a grand adventure. Aunt and Uncle are giving me a ride home, but wife took me and was my “minder” through the appointment. It’s a complicated thing, my schedule. So it’s wonderful to have such great support.

Actually more depressed today and late yesterday. It’s been a crazy week so this is probably a response to all that excitement. Combine that with nervousness and I’m a little grumpy. Haven’t even practiced playing music since the weekend. Did manage to knit some last night on the Hudson’s Bay themed scarf.

Yesterday Aunt and Uncle gave me a ride to my psychologist appointment downtown. They went walking while I got my head shrunk. Apparently they spent most of the time looking for a news stand or somewhere to get a newspaper. I guess they still print those.

Afterward we went out for brunch at a new diner – very funky and very cool. It’s owned by one of the people we meet at the school fundraiser Halloween party last weekend. He even recognized me in my old glasses. (New ones broke). Aunt&Uncle and I had a great conversation, talking about everything from trying to explain what mindfulness was, to Uncle’s dad teaching him yoga in the 50’s. And the usually family stuff, of course. It’s been really nice getting closer to them these past few weeks.

In the afternoon I had day program and one of the others attending was having a “last day” so we did the tradition of making art after check-in. They were musically inclined so I made this:

This makes me happy

I really like the day program, you get to meet so many different people who have the same or similar problems to yours. Unfortunately, that means they end up leaving and it can be sad. Turnover is a bitch.

Random notes from today’s prep:

  • When they take vitals you get to take a drink of a medicine that is supposed to prevent aspiration during the procedure. It tastes like raspberry sour patch candy.
  • Printed up some cards with the blog info on it to share.
  • Have my “social avoidance tools” fully deployed today. No eye contact, headphones.
  • 56 days until Christmas.
  • I’ve been thinking of a semicolon tattoo if I make it to a certain date. New Years?

The doc said I had a really good siezure last time, and that helps them dial it in. Had additional meds to help with they nausea and calf aches. Calves are much improved today.

The procedure was the same experience today, but I’m understanding the layout better and less confused when I come out of it. Figured out where the recovery room was.

I shared my cards with them with three blog address on them. (Hi, care team!) They thought it was a cool idea.

One of the nurses was very excited when I brought up the mood ring. She did notice it and it changed color during the seizure, blue and green and purple. Not strobing, but still interesting!

Was wearing my suburbs shirt and they asked if I had ever seen them. Many times, I replied and they asked whether the singer was still in the cities. As they were putting me under I said “Chan Poling, I’ve met him, I’ve got stories, but now you’re going to miss them…” as they put me under. So I went out to the sounds of laughter, which must be good.

Wife reports that I came out much quieter today, less joking around. But I’ll attribute that to the increased depression.

Got home and straight to bed. Skipping group today, which is really disappointing but the sleep was worth it. Next week might be able to make the Wednesday session.

Still planning on going to see the Son this weekend, which will be tiring but a much needed boost. I miss that guy like a missing limb. And we may get to meet the new girlfriend!

And finally today I finished my Hudson’s Bay Blanket themed scarf!

Ignore the imperfections – it’s only my second knitting project!

2 thoughts on “Day Two: Honeymoon’s over”

  1. I just happen to have a Hudson Bay blanket to match your scarf. You can borrow it whenever. It is older than you are for sure, and not quite as cool. Nice work. PA

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