One of the things I’ve learned in the day program is the concept of GLAD. It’s the idea that you every once in awhile or at the end or beginning of a day go through the acronym GLAD and say:

  • one thing you’re grateful for
  • one thing you’ve learned
  • one thing you’ve achieved and
  • one thing that has delighted you.

the family and I have started doing this at dinner and it’s a great way to spark conversation about your day and to find out how everybody is doing. Of course it’s a great way to express your gratitude which is a very important part of working with depression and anxiety.

So today I am:

  • Grateful for a warm home on a chilly day.
  • I have learned a little bit more in my practicing music.
  • I have achieved getting up at a decent hour and being productive in the morning.
  • And I have delighted in some Captain crunch cereal.

Ok that last one might be a stretch but it was pretty good. so when you have a moment go to the acronym think about what you’re glad about and see if that helps.

1 thought on “Glad”

  1. GLAD is new to me. I like how it makes one learn and achieve something every day. My focus for a long time was to come up with two good things about each day. GLAD seems to have more optimism to me.

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