Day Three: Grind

Today more random electrical connections left on my chest for me to rip off. Makes pulling a band-aid seem like nothing!

Update: I just remembered, the nurse said the mood ring went all rainbow colored last time! Multicolored and changing!

  • Apparently I published the draft of this post five hours ago. Oops.
  • Today after the procedure, my jaw ached for a little while. Doc says I keep having really good seizures, and I’m guessing this and the calves are a side effect.
  • My legs are a little loose for a few hours afterward. Not completely unsteady, but not so sure on my feet that I’d want to play basketball. Ok, yes, it’s actually more true that I would rather never play basketball, but it was the best thing I could think of.
  • I will never be able to spell seizure without spell-check
  • The above makes more sense now that I’ve googled what the procedure looks like. I found a British clinic doing it and even though there is muscle relaxant, the patient really was seizing, physically. In a controlled environment, and attended to properly, of course. It was fascinating, but if you don’t want to be able to picture me having a fit, don’t google it.
  • Also, I’ve got random IV holes on the left and right hands. That’s the worst part, getting stuck for the IV. But they’re pretty darn good at it and it’s as painless as possible. I can “smell” the saline when it starts flowing into my veins, which is really odd, but lets me know they’re almost done with the ouch part.

The lobby was showing “Kelly and Ryan” and “The View” on the TV, and to be honest that’s more anxiety causing than the thought of a medically induced seizure.

Wife and I are off to see the Son down south at college. May even get to meet the new girlfriend – no pressure! He’s going to get a body crushing hug, as the last time I saw him I wasn’t sure I’d ever see him again. That sucked.

It will be a good weekend away in the more tropical climes, sipping drinks on the beach – just what we need. Ok, so no drinks or beach — just cornfields. But lovely to see the boy again. We even sprung for the one motel in town, as opposed to staying in the large cities nearby for less money.

This is my Harvey temporary tattoo — looks pretty good for 29 cents! (plus shipping)

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