One week down

So that’s three treatments complete, one week down. Time for a personal inventory, I guess. I don’t feel that much differently. I am still a little hopeful, but have been feeling the depression all week as well.

The staff at my hospital are great. They take the time to explain everything, carry out they procedures with my comfort in mind, and laugh at my jokes. The laughing is the true test.

We’ve been managing the logistics fairly well, though still dialing in the timing of appointments. After going early and having to wait a long time, we adjusted to going later – but still ended up waiting a while. So back to early it is. Not driving is a bummer, but it’s also nice to be able to look around while riding to and from places, and to be able to critique whomever is driving. 🙂

Physically I’m not really in any pain. Sometimes a headache, but really the only painful part is getting the IV.

So overall I’d say things are going pretty well, with no obvious changes in mood. Wife might argue that I’m a bit brighter than usual. But still feeling the funk.

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