Day Four: Another week

New nurse – or is it old nurse and new nurse was last week? Waiting room crowded, like standing room only by mid morning. But we were seated so there you have it. Same routine, lots of waiting, bad TV shows in the lobby.

No signs of the depression changing, but we’re going to go another week before we turn the power up. Had a headache and general “icky” feeling all day after treatment. Even with a midday nap. Slept poorly last night. Feeling like this paragraph is backwards.

Dizziness, headache, a little jaw soreness, and general anxiety made the day pass slowly. But got to practice music and play some video games.

Wife and I went to see our son this last weekend and it was a nice break, albeit tiring. Everything I do takes twice as much effort for some reason. But it was good to spend time with him and meet some of his friends at college. He’s doing really well and we’re proud.

Long day tomorrow so resting for the remainder of my evening. Daylight savings time is messing with my pacing for the bedtime marathon.

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