Day Five: Halfway there?

Tuesday was a busy day. Up early to see my psychiatrist to review my meds. Waiting to see how the ECT progresses before we change anything else.

Grabbed some coffee at the hospital and an uber home. Had enough time to practice playing music before a neighbor gave me a ride to my day program. It’s so nice to have so many people who want to help.

Wednesday’s procedure was as expected. Some jaw pain, dealt with nicely via Tylenol. It’s a little unsettling to know why I have the jaw pain – they use a bite block like this:

but the truth of the matter is that it’s still a seizure. So the little bit of pain is just a reminder of the scale of the procedure.

My care team at the ECT clinic mentioned the blog and that they liked it, and my writing. Hoping to keep up those standards.

As for the day program, a little background: It’s three days a week, in the afternoons. After a round of check-ins for everyone, there is usually a lesson on mindfulness, CBT, ACT, or some other therapy. Occasionally there is some time for art or other creative activities. I find it really useful to have group, and the lessons are always helpful.

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