Holy Cow!

Had a maintenance ECT session today and it was a whopper! Dizzy and woozy all day, slept for hours and hours. Still not quite steady on my feet.

It hasn’t been going very well recently, so we’re going to stick with a two week repetition for the maintenance sessions.

Saw my psychologist for the last time last week- she’s moving on to a different position. I’ll miss her dearly, as she really “got me.” I see my new one on Friday, stop fingers crossed she’ll be a good one too.

Every time I see a doctor (primary, psychologist, psychiatrist) at my clinic I fill out a survey on my anxiety and one on my depression. This wow score was the worst ones I’ve ever had. Partly because of the changes in therapist, but also because I’m stressing about going back to work.

2 thoughts on “Holy Cow!”

  1. Do you have the option to go back to work very slowly and incrementally? Like over the course of 6 months or a year? That’s how they do it here in NL and I think it’s really smart.

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