My New Therapist

Met with the new shrink on Friday and it went well. We spent the whole time going over my history, and she seems cool. The weekly check-in isn’t the standard PHQ and GAD form, so those trends won’t be in the system for me as regularly anymore, which will be odd. I’ll still do it for my psychiatrist, but that’s monthly at best. Maybe I should do it myself at home just to keep a frame of reference. My numbers have been crazy high lately, so it would be good to watch them (hopefully) go down.

The stress about going back to work has to do with an expectation that I’ll be back up to full speed by the end of the month. ECT treatments and followup days aside, going to full time that fast is scary. My care team universally feels that schedule is too aggressive. Unfortunately, they haven’t offered a “preferred” schedule. I’ll push for one this week. The team at work has grown enough, and the theory is that off hours coverage will be assigned, so the environment isn’t exactly as intense as it was when I left. But going from light hours to full time will be an interesting challenge. I do look forward to walking home from work on the regular, though.

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