No news is good news

Not much new to report. Back to work full time, only getting ECT treatments in maintenance mode – once every three weeks. Last one switched to Friday so my second day is on the weekend instead of having to take two days of work off.

Between the latest meds change and the ECT things are fairly stable. My mood is much improved, and I’m doing things like hobbies and getting out of the house on a regular basis. Granted, most of that is for therapy. I am taking a DBT course (Dialectical behavior therapy), weekly individual therapy sessions, and the Face-it men’s depression support group. Add the periodic ECT and I have a lot going on. But it’s all working together, and I’m looking forward to spring.

Work is hard. Both physically and mentally tiring, and I still feel I’m playing catch-up. As we get busier I’m sure it’ll get better, but I’m plugging away and time will make everything better. My care team was against just going full bore full time, but things are slow enough that I feel I’m being eased into it.

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